Children indoors!

Why are children spending all their time indoors and is this the best way to be a parent?

Today most children spend all their time indoors, which results in them spending hours in front of a screen or being bored!

My son is always asking to go on the computer or to watch something, I as a modern parent allow it but I have a cut off point where enough is enough. Yes I am guilty of actually letting him on the computer for a little longer than maybe I should, why? because I am scared to let him out of my site.

When I was a child I played on my street for hours and was not seen until I was hungry. This was some of the best days of my childhood. At the age of 4 me and my friend spent hours learning to ride a bike without an adult in sight. I could not imagine my child spending hours outdoors with this much determination, at the age of 6 he cannot ride a bike without stabilisers and this is not without trying but due to lack of time as being a full time working mum is hard.

So why are we as a society so afraid to let our children out of our sight? I for one think social media and the media is to blame. Every day we log in to Facebook, twitter, watch the news, read a paper and so on. Years ago we had the news at set times and one paper a day, now we have 24 hour access to the news on tv, the internet and it is paraded in front of us on our new feeds we can not escape.

Therefore, the fact that we see stories of abuse and kidnap, keeps the fear of harm to the front of our minds. More and more stories are seeping out about children becoming hurt but is abuse worse now than years ago? In fact no it is not, the crime rates are in fact very similar now to 50 years ago. Are people believed more about abuse now, yes I think they are. There is also a lot more traffic now than years ago and the fact that you don’t see children playing out means that if you allow your child they are on their own.

Are we allowing our children the best future though? By keeping our children indoors how are they supposed to manage their own risks. Managing their own risks is a massive part of their development, therefore it is important to allow them some freedom. I propose mimi steps and know your child. How sensible are they, can they be trusted to walk to shop on their own. Have they got danger awareness? If not it is our jobs to teach them.


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