Greatest achievements in life so far!

This post is all about me and what I am most proud of in my life, some may laugh and think thats nothing but its my list and sometimes the little achievements are the ones that mean the most to us.

  1. Being a Mum

So im a mum, and its hard work. I cry, I Laugh and I sometimes I even have lazy days. Ive not done anything extra ordinary with my son but I make an effort to do his home work, listen to him read and I try my best to make him happy. Even though some days all I want to do is say will you just leave me alone for a bit, every day I am prouder and prouder as I look at my son and think he is the kind, loving boy because I made him that way and that in its self is a big acievment.

2.  Sacrificing everything to save

The last few years have been all about saving for a deposit, every penny we have had has been for the house and that has meant sacrificing things I want. Saving has enabled number 3 to happen

3. Nearly owning a house

Nearly owning means, we have put an offer in on a house, the mortgage has been accepted and its that long wait for everything to be finalised but yay we will soon own our own home.

4. Returning to adult education

After my son was born, I realised I was in a dead end job in retail with long hours and weekends were part of the job. I knew it was not possible to work every weekend so I decided to return to adult education. I started right at the bottom on a level 2 teaching assistant course then on to level 3. I then made the decision to go further and completed a HND for the following two years. I am now in a secure job working with children in nursery providing speech support.

5. Learning to drive!

I am not the most confident driver but I have been on the road for a whopping 7 years now and have managed so far. I didn’t think I would ever drive but I only managed to pass first time.

6. Always being true to my self

This is actually a positive and a negative quality that I possess, it can often be seen to others as I think I know best and although I don’t want to be the person who thinks she knows it all others may deem this quality as that. I see it as I say what I believe and I am not rude with this but I am true to my opinions and would rather just say it how it is than go and tell someone else how it is. You will always know where you are with me.

7. My Family

Never did I think I would be in a 10 year relationship with a child and a dog. Yes every day is not easy as we have our dos and downs and life worries get in the way but at the end of a hard day at work the best feeling is coming home to your family.

8. Being me

Being me and being happy, many are not happy in life and yes it is a struggle at times but I love my life including the downs.

9. Growing in confidence

When I was younger I was somewhat shy and found speaking out a difficult task, to speak to a group of people overwhelmed me with fear. when I started college I was put into a situation where I had to complete presentations and it wasn’t without the odd breakdown but the end of the 2 years proved that actually its not as scary as I first though.

10. Resisting my English GCSE

After only achieving a D in school I reset my GCSe and came out with an A. Go me!!!

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3 thoughts on “Greatest achievements in life so far!”

  1. Wow well done on everything and you should be so proud of yourself. I am amazed by all you have achieved xxx #honeybeelinky

  2. I love this post! Such a positive and affirming thing to list all your achievements! And such a fantastic list it is too, you should be really proud. Thank you so much for joining in with the #Honeybeelinky! Hope to see you for the next one. xxx

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