Its the little things in life!

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Sometimes life is hard and every other person wants your money but as a parent we try our best to make our children happy and make memories for them that we can cherish for the rest of our lives.

Knowing what will make your children happy is not always a simple task though!

I have spent a lovey evening in McDonalds with my son spending a total of £6 and we managed to spend nearly 2 hours in there.

We arrived and he decided to have a play in the play area, I ordered food and we sat down to eat. We enjoyed our classic Mcdonald’s food that we love.

Olie returned for another play and then asked me for some change for a donation to have his face painted. He returned as Captain America, with a balloon and a big smile from ear to ear.

On the way home he told me he had a fab time at McDonalds tonight.

This made me laugh as many of times I have spent a fortune on a day out somewhere which has ended up a disaster with me moaning, Olie moaning and the other half in a grump. Leaving me feeling deflated and thinking why do I bother.

I remember taking Olie to St Helens for the day, he had a donkey ride, went on the bouncy castle, made a sandcastle on the trampolines and he just moaned all the way round. Enjoying an ice cream was even a task as we walked from counter to counter to make him happy and this ended up in me shouting he can’t have an ice cream now and him crying.

It just proves that sometimes the little things in life are just as enjoyable and somewhat less stressful. I might just wrap a cardboard box up for him this xmas then?


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