Why is reading so important?


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Reading is an enjoyable task for many, I myself love to sit down with a book, a mug of tea and escape for an hour inside a book. I find reading extremely relaxing but unfortunately due to the busy fast paced life we live in now a days I have somewhat lost myself and reading has become something from the past.

Reading is not only relaxing for adults but for children too, there are many times I have sat and read a book to the nursery children I work with and one or two  of them have sat at the back snoring away by the end.

Ok, so reading will help my child relax and go to sleep at night? Reading a book before bed each nights also puts children in a good routine. Not only are you allowing your child relax time but it is a way to bond with your child.

Yes, you can bond with children in many ways, a day trip, watching a movie, drawing or being creative. This is all great however, reading is an excellent learning tool.

A child who is read to before school age is exposed to thousands of more words than a child who is not read to. Just think, when we speak to our children, we most likely use the same boring words, how often do we actually have time to sit down and feed lots of word to our children as they play.

Words in books are often descriptive, not only are they being exposed to some fantastic language in books but they are also seeing the letters in print. They are learning great habits and respect for books from a young age.

So you can’t be bothered reading the words tonight, well don’t, talk about the pictures, get your child t use their imagination and make the story up by looking at the pictures.

So reading is significant for children!




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