How to have a clean house!

What a tedious task cleaning is, if only we could all afford to pay someone else or have a magic wand but it has to be done. I find that I spend at least an hour daily cleaning and then there is the big clean once a week.

I may sound a little sad here but its the best feeling when you have cleaned the house from top to bottom and you finally sit down to a brew in your dust free house.

That feeling quickly fades away as the dog comes running in the living room with muddy paws and my little rascal decides he wants to paint. Paint, you never want to paint, why? why have you chose this moment to paint when the house is clean but being the ‘good’ mum’ that I think I am I bite my tongue and get the paints out.

I stand hovering over him watching blobs of paint fall, “just do it like this” I say in a somewhat calm manner. All I want to do is scoop the paint up and throw them in the bin.

Yet, I manage to bite my tongue as I see the smile on my little boys face as he tells me what he has drawn and it is at that moment that I realise there is more to life than cleaning.

So how do you deal with keeping a house clean? Well the answer is you don’t, you just put up and shut!



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