How many children make the perfect family?

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Why is it that when you have one child, people feel the need to tell you to have more. When are you having more then?  “I’m not” this is then followed by a gasp or a surprised look with “oh why?”

For one, its none of your business but have you ever thought I just don’t want anymore. That I am actually happy with one child and the fact that I have a perfect family. Having another child would rock our whole world financially and why change things when the family unit we have works and we are all happy.

So is one child enough? For me yes but not for all families.

The fact is, there is no right amount of children to have and some couples might not want children, this again results to many questions and comments such as ‘it will be you soon’. What if that couple can’t have children but they have chose to keep that information to themselves.

I for one can’t understand why some people choose to have numerous children but that is none of my business as it obviously works for them or they wouldn’t have anymore.

Having one child means I can spend more money on him at christmas, that family holiday we want isn’t too hard, childcare costs are kept to a minimum and most of all he gets plenty of attention from both of his parents.

Growing up I was an only child until the age of 15 and yes sometimes it was lonely but thats all I knew so did  I care? No.

So will I be having another child anytime soon? Most probably not!


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