Why does the modern day child want to spend all his time indoors?

Is it normal that my child doesn’t want to go out? Please, I beg, “lets go to the park?” “No”  “To the fare?” ” No I don’t want to. ”

Why, just why?

Don’t get me wrong we have many days out but sometimes it is hard work to get him out the house, technology today has boomed and our children have become lazy cabbage potatoes.

Im sure when I was 6, I was outdoors the majority of the holidays on my bike and the only time I would come home was for food, a drink or if I was hurt.

Olie would rather sit on the playstation all day, then  when I take that from him, he picks his tablet up and when that is gone, he wants the computer or the tv.

Can he do nothing without technology?

Thinking about it though, am I a leading the best example, when we go for a day out the first thing I do is say ‘smile’ with a phone forced in from of his face.

Today, I just had to give in to the fact that my child wanted to stay in and have a day in the house.

We are on week 5 of the 6 weeks holidays and he just has no motivation left. Well maybe it is more that I  no motivation and I just need to do something to pass the time.

So another moan and another rant to him about technology and I made a game of cleaning.

I managed to manipulate my 6 year old in to changing the bed cover, loading the washing machine, setting the table for dinner, sorting all my socks in to pairs and putting them away and he actually had fun.

Technology you will not defeat me!



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