Manchester Open Air Theatre

True-fully, I don’t know what to think of this experience. I like the idea of a performance outdoors, whilst sitting on a picnic blanket eating some of your favs but in reality it wasn’t all it seems.

We had found cheap tickets to see Peter Pan at the park by the Manchester Open air theatre, so me loving the theatre, jumped at the chance to see a classic performed.

On arrival to the park where the performance was being held, I have to admit the park had most probably seen better days but there seemed to be lots going on such as fitness classes and a big playground. So I put my negative thoughts to the back of my head and told myself it will be good.

We exchanged our very cheap tickets for entry and set up our picnic blankets on a field in the middle of the park. The area had been set up with string to make the area look like a ship.

So the area didn’t look the best and the actors didn’t have the best props but the acting is what makes a good performance, who needs fancy props, right?

Well I think they did need fancy props, the acting wasn’t the best and I kept missing what they were saying as they turned their backs to face both sides of the audience.

Passer by’s, shouting some very foul words to us basically telling the performers to shut up. Which actually didn’t phase them, so extra points for just carrying on.

My 6 year old son however, thoroughly enjoyed the performance and told me it was one of his best days out this summer. So for the very little I paid, yes it was worth it but for 50 mins show I would have been annoyed at full price.

This has not put me off outdoor experiences, as I now have harry potter booked at Tatton park.



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