Food is my enemy

After my son was born I was left at a size 16, the biggest I have ever been.

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I immediately joined slimming world, I can tell you this is one of the hardest journeys I have been on. It wasn’t just as simple as cutting out fatty food it was a lifestyle change and times were hard when I went out for meals, weeks when I had been so good and still gained weight. I cried, some weeks when I got home and wanted to give in but other weeks, I cheered with delight as the scales showed me what I wanted to see. Finally after 3 long years of giving in, starting again I reached my target.

So life is great, I feel great and I manage to stay at this weight for a year. I  FEEL FANTASTIC! Oh, I seem to be putting weight on, every time I eat bread I gain weight. I resort to cutting bread out, I just can’t seem to get the weight off again. I leave slimming world thinking, this is not for me anymore.

I am now 2 stone heavier and eat like a rabbit and can not lose weight, it is awful.

I am awaiting test results for Coeliac or possible wheat intolerance. Most weeks I eat bread, I am in agony, swell up like a balloon. People believe wheat intolerance is a trendy new diet, it is not trendy and it is not easy. I know I need to lead a gluten free lifestyle and it is on the cards when I receive my test results.

This involves cutting out all gluten, wheat, rye barley etc. Gluten is in things you wouldn’t expect like soy sauce.

So here I am at the beginning of my gluten journey, please come back for more challenges that I will face and comment on your food challenges and journeys.

Don’t ever give up on a healthy lifestyle, yes I don’t lose weight anymore but I feel so much better in myself when I eat clean.



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