Summer Holidays as a national trust member

I made it, week 5 of the summer holidays and we are both still alive!

Its a bitter sweet really, I was really looking forward to time off work and spending time with the little one but in reality I don’t know what to do with myself.

As I sit looking at the walls around me I am screaming inside, get me back to work. Olie is having a meltdown because he doesn’t want to brush his teeth, I am having a meltdown because I thought the cleaning would be under control with me off work.

I have recently become a member of the national trust and this has been my life saver this 6 weeks. So I grab my membership card and off we go to forget the troubles of being off work for 6 whole long weeks.

Tatton Park

Tatton park is beautiful, it has so many hidden gems within the park. I sat here for about an hour whilst my son happily climbed trees and made a den. I was able to take in the view and relax as he played with his dad.

The play area is huge and free to enter, my little one loved the play area and dragging him away was a little difficult, We then enjoyed dinner in the cafe which was a reasonable price for a cafe. Tatton park also has a farm, hall and beautiful gardens to visit.

Dunham Massey

Very close to Tatton park, again beautiful hall, gardens and a fab ice cream parlour. Beautiful deer walking around the grounds.

Climbing the big trees and den making.

Formby Beach 

This is one of my favourite places to go on a dry day. The pictures explain it all!



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