How to save for a house

Saving for a deposit to get a mortgage is hard and no one tells you when you are a child how hard life is sometimes. If you are one of the lucky ones that have family who can help, then that is great but for a lot it is a struggle.

I have lived in rented after rented house, being told the landlord wants the house back for his wife and it is heart breaking. The landlord may not understand that rented house was my home. This news, turns your life upside down and discourages you in your next home as this could happen again.

It was after being told we needed to leave twice and then a mouldy home that the saving got serious.

Having your own property allows you security and to decorate your own property is not a waste as its yours for as long as you wish.

I am currently in the process of saving for a deposit, it has taken us a long time to get where we are but we are nearly there. How you ask? I don’t bloody know?????????

Seriously though, being strict is the key, saving even the littlest amount and questioning do I really need this, with everything that you buy.

  • Charity shops and car boots

Dont knock it until you have tried it, I have had some really expensive items such as designer hand bags and designers dresses and tops for work.

  • Be creative

Don’t buy anything new for your house, up cycle as much as you can. Paint, and use your imagination. I recently saw a post using old cds to make a wall mural. It was fab and very different from your average flower on the wall.

  • Shop around

If you do need to buy something new, look around and compare prices

  • Skip that holiday that you are dying to go on.

I know this is a tough one but you can save a lot of money not going away

  • Move out

We have moved in with the mother for a few months to get that last bit of money a little faster and we are nearly there now.

  • Save money on food

Look at your shopping bill, look for alternatives e.g., I now shop at Aldi, and the local butchers. I also batch cook, which save me a lot on money.

  • Make days out cheap

As mentioned in a previous post I am now a national trust member and yes I do pay a monthly fee but I use the a lot and then take pack lunches everywhere I go. I have invested in camping chairs and picnic blankets and we have had some fab cheap days out.

  • Fake away

Make your own take away. There are lots of recipes online.

  • Look at your finances as a whole

This is obvious, you may think you need to pay everything and can not cut back but if you write it all out and compare compare and compare again, you may be surprised what you may save.

So my dream home is finally around the corner and I am ready to start looking. Now it is time to save, save and save some more as you can bet I want to decorate the thing from top to bottom.


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