Araghhhh, The playstation!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Playstation. When I need to tidy the house I love it but when I actually want to spend some time with my son I hate it. For one he doesn’t want to come off the thing and a drama erupts at the thought of him not having a computer to function in life.

Shall we play a game? nah! I’m playing a game on this . Why don’t we go to the park? I ask, No I can make a park on Minecraft and so on. To my reply is well don’t think you are spending all day on this, you have 10 minutes left.

Well I will watch it on you tube then, you tube? YOU TUBE? Why on earth would you want to watch other people play a game? I will never understand. So he sits and watches others play a game, not just a playstation game but real games too, like monopoly or frustration. So it has come to a time in my life that my son would rather watch another family play monopoly than play it with me.

So how do you get your child off the playstation? With great difficulty is how. Many warnings that there will be no games for a week, no tv, no sweets and so on and finally he storms away like a moody teenager. He’s 5 by the way!

Please let me know what others do to get their children off the Playstation?



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