What is Christmas all about?

What is Christmas really about?

What is the real meaning behind Christmas, well the birth of baby Jesus is a good start but honestly how many of us don’t even give that a thought and celebrate because we are following others and wrapped up in the glittered media and their expectations of what Christmas is.

Many of us rush to buy present after present and get ourselves somewhat stressed. I normally buy for the sake of buying, its only once a year I tell myself. I buy my turkey from Marks and spencer, why you ask? That I do not know. Its not like I can’t cook and I’m trying to get nicer food to hide the taste of my rotten food. I can rustle up a good meal.

To me christmas is excessive buying but its like I become possessed with christmas spirit and forget that yes it actually is just one day a year and do I really need to buy a special christmas gravy jug for the table. Get a hold of yourself woman is what I should say.

I doubt I am the only one though but this year I have taken a much more relaxed approach to christmas and I have saved a few pennies as well. This year I have stopped buying unnecessary gifts for people, I have only bought who I need to buy for. I worked out how much I want to spend altogether and then how much for each person. I have stuck to this limit instead of just buying and not thinking about it.

My top tips to save money this Christmas!

Only buy what you can afford

This is probably obvious but many get in debt at christmas time, is it worth it? If your loved ones don’t understand then so what, they are the ones dealing with the debt. People who truly care will understand.

  • Only buy for children

Only buying for children will save a lot of money and many do believe Christmas is for children. If you want to buy for adults buy a small token gift.

  • Make Christmas gifts

Make things like chocolate truffles for people, they are yummy and more thought has gone in to them. There are tons of recipes online and you can decorate them in cute bows.

  • Use supermarket points

There are many schemes that have points system, saving them throughout the year means that you can use them for your christmas food.

  • Sell old things on Ebay

Selling things that old and undated, then you can use the money for new presents.

  • Don’t get sucked in to buying the dearest of everything

Children are happy with the smallest things at times but it is us as parents who think they need excessive amounts

  • Look for the cheapest deal, there are many compare price sites and I have seen items at a massive price difference​
  • Stick to your shopping list

Make the day fun and enjoy time with your loved ones because really Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and making memories. The presents we get are not the things we remember when thinking about those we care about, so just enjoy and try not to get too wrapped up in all the Christmas glittered mess.




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