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All about me

So this is little old me, known as Chantel, Mum and Miss. By day I work with children and by night and weekends I am a mum.

Life as a Mum is challanging yet rewarding, 4 years ago I made a big decision to go back to college and study childcare. This was a complete career change for me as ‘i was a hairdresser and then went to retail. Completing my level 3, I went on to complete a level 5 which is the same as a foundation degree. I could not be prouder, that me the girl who did not even put full stops at the end of a sentence.

From then on, I had an anything is possible attitude and I am now in a job that I love helping children to develop their speech.

Life as a mum is probably the most challanging of all, the constant battle I face with myself; however will I ever be the perfect parent. Who is?


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