Elf on the shelf disaster!

As a mum your biggest worry is making your children happy, the moment you realise you are a week late for the return of Farley elf. A quick dash to the shops for some sweets, a print out for Farley’s return and a toy car  for the reveal.

So Farley was named after our dog Marley, (yes I know Farley? my 5, then 4 year old son picked the name). Olie is finally asleep so it is now time for operation Farley, the big rush results in Farley in a car with a rolled up letter and chocolate stuffed under the other arm. As I sit there, I can’t help but think that this elf is more hassle than its worth.

Last year the amount of time I forgot poor farley and had to dash downstairs in the middle of the night or make an excuse to my little boy, I was starting to feel sorry for the elf never mind Olie.

For those of you who are not familiar with the elf on the shelf, the elf comes in a box with a story explaining that the elf will be watching the child and will check in at the north pole. He asks in the story that the child must not touch him as he will lose his magic. The idea is then for the parents to move the elf each night; resulting in the elf being somewhat cheeky at times.

Olie comes down the stairs the following morning, it is then that I realise the elf is not a hassle, I have just become somewhat lazy, the look in is eyes show me the true magic behind Christmas in just that one look. So I feel there will be many more years of happy but cheeky memories of the elf in this house.


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